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Group44 cars 1966 to 1991

Bob Tullius & Brian Fuerstenau Group 44 Team,All cars from 1966 to 1991.
Many thanks to all pictures unknown authors.Also great thanks to the important precisions sent by Steve KNOLL.



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  • Steve Knoll (Private)
    8 years 6 months ago
    1968 lineup. Bob Tullius, CP TR-250, John Kelly, DP, TR-4, Mike Downs, GP Spitfire MKll, Brian Fuersttenau FP Spitfire Mklll.

    That year John & Brian were both National Champions. Bob was 3rd & Mike was 2nd.

    Also not the black racing stripe on 2 current production cars (TR-250 & Spitfire Mklll. No stripes on out of production cars TR-4, Spitfire Mkll.

    Photo taken at VIR by Pete Luongo
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